Venue Manager: Danny Kime  541-735-5095

Production Advance: Toni Ehrlich, 541-954-3668

Hospitality, Merch & Settlement: Danny Kime

House Audio / Systems Tech: Steve Ehrlich

Monitors and LD as needed / per rider.

NOTE:  House SPL LIMIT is a strict 105db at FOH.


Stage is 20x16x3.  

Parking is primarily provided in our Lot in front of the club; one step up to sidewalk, a ramp is provided.  Additional Parking is in the Parking Garage (Parcade) west of the venue which offers free parking after 6pm.

We have no Shore Power, Backline, Showers or Laundry on site

Load in is scheduled at a maximum of 4 hours prior to doors. If you require more time
please contact the Danny Kime and the Production Team to discuss your needs. We will
need to know this as soon as possible to schedule crew.

Loaders must be arranged for anyone other than the house techs.

Sessions Tech Specs

Parking Map


Sessions Music Hall
44 E 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402