Location/Production & Rental


Sessions Music Hall

44 E 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402

Sessions Music Hall Sound/Lighting Manifest 2018

Hospitality, Merch & Settlement: Danny Kime

House Audio / Systems Tech: Steve Ehrlich,

Monitors and LD as needed / per rider.

Danny Kime  5410515-4657  danny@hifimusichall.com

  1. Steve Ehrlich 541-912-0149 steve_ehrlich@comcast.net

and/or Toni Ehrlich,    velvetthunder@comcast.net or

NOTE:  House SPL LIMIT is a strict 105db at FOH.


House Console:

1 Midas Heritage 2000, 56 channel Analog Console

1 Effects Rack:

1-Helix DN-9340 Stereo EQ

1-Klark-Teknek DN-360

1-Klark-Teknek One Box 8 channel Compressor OR Gate

3-Yamaha Rev-500,

1-Tc D-2 Delay

3-Behringer Composer Pro Stereo Compressors,

1-DBX166 Stereo Compressor,

2-Aphex 105 Quad gates

4 Way House PA:

8 VTS RDS-3,  3 way line array speakers, flown 4 per side

4 VTS SB-218 Dual 18” Sub-bass Speakers

1 Amplifier/Processor Rack:

1 XTA DP200 Processor

1 BSS Minidrive

1 AB International 1580B Power Amplifier

4 AB International 8120B

2 E.V. P3000 Sub Amplifers

Monitor Console:

1 Mackie DL-32-R with discreet wifi network

Monitor System:

6 V.T.S.S. 12×2 floor monitors

1 V.T.S.S. Drum box; Dual 15×2

1 Monitor System Amplifier Rack:

6 AB International 8120B Power Amplifiers

2 TDM 4 Channel Bi-amp Crossovers

3 sub-snakes, (2) 8 channel short, (1) 6 channel downstage.

1 Stage Power – 6 double Quads

Microphone Locker:

10 vocal mics:

4 Audix OM-6

1 Audix OM-5

5 Shure Sm-58,

instrument mics:

8-Audix i-5

5 Shure SM-57

1- Shure SM-91

1 AKG D-112

1 Shure Beta 52

1 EV 308B

3 EV408B

1 Astatic 91

3 Audix ADX-51 condensers

4 Behringer active DI Boxes

2 Radial passive stereo DI’s

1 VTS Jensen passive stereo DI

1 VTS Jensen passive mono DI

32 Mic Stands (standard tri-pod boom stands, short stands, kick stand)

4 EZE Drum claws

40 Mic cables


Stage Lighting

Guest Power: 3 – 20 amp circuits u-ground, 1 – 5 pole CamLoc fed by a 60 amp, three phase breaker.

Lighting Console:

Elation CompuShow Lighting Software Elation MIDIcon Lighting


Elation CompuShow Basic DMX Interface Dell Inspiron 5000

23″ – All in One PC (Adjacent to FOH)


(1) Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D DMX 1-2 (USR)

(5) Mega-Lite Target-Q190 LED Wash

DMX 8 Channel Mode – 127,135,143,151,159

(5) Mega-Lite Target-Q190 LED Wash

DMX 8 Channel Mode – 127,135,143,151,159 Red/Green/ Blue/White – 190

Watts, Flicker Free 4.7kHz Refresh Rate,

25° Beam Angle (DS on 1.25″ Pipe)

(6) Chauvet LED Intimidator Spot 250

(US fixed location with outer two closer to DS)

DMX 13 Channel Mode – 212, 225, 238, 251, 264, 277

(1) A-DJ MB DMX II Variable Speed Mirror Ball Motor DMX 510-511



Stage is 20x16x3.  

One Green room is off stage left, one large room with

comfortable seating, Wifi and production work space.

Restrooms are located next to monitor world.

Parking is primarily provided in our Lot in front of the Club,

one step up to sidewalk, a ramp is provided.  Additional Parking in the Parking Garage (Parcade) west of the venue which offers free parking

after 6pm.

We have no Shore Power, Backline, Showers or Laundry on site


Load in is at 4:00 pm unless otherwise arranged. Additional hours beyond

the standard “3 hours before doors”, are available at a rate of

$100.00 per hour.


Loaders must be arranged for anyone other than the house techs.