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Where is Sessions Music Hall Located?

Sessions Music Hall is located at 44 E 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402, just across 7th from the Hult Center and the Hilton Hotel.

Where can I park?

There is a large parking structure directly across Willamette street from Sessions Music Hall. There is also street parking surrounding the venue, although this can be harder to find on busy weekend or busy show nights.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Advanced tickets may be purchased though our website via Eventbrite, or from one of our bartenders in the Sessions Music Hall Lounge during regular business hours.

I have tickets on will call & I would like to change the name for pick up. How do I do this?

All name changes must be done through point of purchase. If you ordered your tickets online, please contact Ticketfly. Their customer service number is (877)435-9849. Name changes must be done prior to the day of the show. There will be no name changes on the day of the show.

Can I pick up hard copies of tickets I purchased online before the day of the show?

Unfortunately, no. If you would like to have hard copies prior to the day of the show, please purchase them in person from our bar during regular business hours. The lounge is open Tues. – Sun. at 4:30pm.

Are minors allowed in the Music Lounge for shows?

No, Sessions Music Lounge is 21+ only.  Any all ages shows will be held in the Main Hall.

What age range needs to purchase tickets for an “all ages” show?

Children 5 and under do not need to purchase a ticket to all ages shows, they will get in free. Children ages 6 and up will need to purchase a ticket for all ages shows. All children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

I want to interview a band, take photos of a band, or review a show. How do I go about doing this?

All interview and review requests must be made through the band’s record label, agent, or publicity person. Please contact the specific band’s label for information. Likewise,Sessions Music Hall does not issue photo passes; you must contact the band’s publicity personnel to gain such credentials.

I am a local band and would like to play on an upcoming show. How can I get on the bill?

Please send all your contact info, press kits, etc. to Sessions and we will forward your information on to the appropriate booking person.

Do you have an ATM?

Yes, we do have an on-site ATM in our lobby.

Do you serve food?

We have food trucks in our parking lot – Chaiyo Thai and El Quetzal – See HERE.

Are there seats in your venue?

Generally speaking, our shows are standing shows. There are couches to sit on in our Music Lounge as well as tables and chairs out on our outdoor patio, but they are a little ways back from the stage. The Lounge does have 2 couches on the dance floor area, but these can get very crowded if the show is busy. In the Main Hall, there are no seats but if seating is a requirement for you, please speak to our staff and we will try and arrange something for you, space permitting. There are places to sit in the back bar area, behind the Main Hall stage, where you can take seated breaks while attending a show in that room.

I see that there is another show playing at Sessions on the same night/at the same time as the show I have tickets to (or plans to go to). Why is this?

There are two stages here atSessions Music Hall –Sessions Music Lounge: on the West side of the establishment (entrance faces Willamette), also referred to as the bar side (21+ only) and the Sessions Music Hall, on the East side of the establishment (entrance faces 7th Street), also referred to as the “Main Hall” (age limits vary depending on the show). Please check our website calendar, Facebook events, and/or your ticket to see which stage the show you are seeing is on. Many times there will be separate events happening on both of the stages at the same time. Other times the show in the Lounge might be the after-party for the show in the Main Hall. Please refer to the specific details of each event for clarification.

I want to rent Sessions Music Hall for an event. How do I go about doing this?

Please send your rental inquiry to info@sessionsmusichall.com and it will be forwarded on to the appropriate contact person.  This person will get back with you shortly regarding rental options.

I want to book my band to play at Sessions Music Hall. How do I do this?

Please send booking inquiries to Sessions with links to your website, social media, and music, and your booking inquiry will be forwarded on to our booking team for review and response.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Advanced tickets may be purchased though our website via Eventbrite or from one of our bartenders in the Sessions Music Hall during regular business hours.