Benefit For Robbie Foster

Donations At The Door

Benefit For Robbie Foster

Fri · June 21, 2019

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 12:00 am)

Sessions Music Lounge

Tickets at the Door

This event is 21 and over

This is a benefit for those survived by Robbie Foster; Donations will be collected at the door to help Robbie's family.

Muscle Beach Petting Zoo
Muscle Beach Petting Zoo
Muscle Beach Petting Zoo (MBPZ) are an instrumental post-hardcore band formed in Eugene, OR, known for a particularly swampy, sweaty brand of snarling, post-progressive devil music that occasionally borders math rock. They take after established prog rock and metal acts like Mastodon, Deftones, or Mars Volta, by placing an emphasis on irreverent time signature and tempo changes within songs, without the utilization of vocals. Even if they're not very good at it 😉 Like your favorite taco stand, Muscle Beach Petting Zoo manages to keep the exotic flavors in check with a zest and attitude all their own.

Guitarist and main songwriter Michael (Thom Simon, Childspeak) met co-guitarist Andrew while working together at a local music retailer. Initially, the duo's tastes and songwriting tendencies were polar opposite, but soon, symbiotic patterns emerged over love for metal music and British television series The Mighty Boosh. The two quickly enlisted Max (The Great Hiatum) on bass and Cody (NotAPartOfIt) on drums and within months, the demos were brought to life. The group's first show was in a basement on Halloween 2015, in which during the final song, multiple witnesses claim one of two twins screamed in ecstasy in the final chords only to allegedly vast vomit onto the second of the two twin's faces. In essence, the band knew they had something special, and it wasn't just Michael and Andrew's mutual taste for surreal debauchery while geeking out on guitars. Whatever it was, people seemed to enjoy it.

But as the groups fan base increased, so did its challenges: Michael and Max began playing with different bands, with Michael even leaving nearly two months for tour in the summer, during which original drummer Cody was replaced by Chevy Doud. Upon moving in together, the group began to stagnate and fritter rather than hone in songs or practice new ideas. The stars were dim. Andrew was managing a store. Michael was covered head to toe in chunky organic peanut butter.

But before long, the groups strengths began to coalesce. The necessity of the project and it's inherent attitude problem became apparent to it's members over time as a sacred space, as safe as it was unforgiving. Like their sound. Though accessible, their intentionally angular sound is unapologetic; the echoes of four young cantankerous heathens slogging their way through time and space in the Northwest, trying to laugh at themselves, and everybody else, along the way.

The band is currently finishing new material, praying for aliens to come down and help them navigate inter-dimensionally to recording and releasing a good sounding record one day.
Tanner Cowens
Tanner Cowens
The Athiarchists
The Athiarchists
Hailing from Eugene, Oregon drummer Dano and guitarist/vocalist Aaron Tunnell are the twopiece
madness that is The Athiarchists. They became popular locally with their DIY attitude,
exposure on KFLY Radio, and the release of their raw tour footage known as “Athiarchist TV.”
Even more of a buzz got started when they began randomly showing up at major festivals and
raging it in the parking lot in their homemade mobile stage.

The Music Adventure Stage is an overhauled U-haul with a 12,500 watt generator, full PA,
stage & lighting, gear storage, and sleeping bunks. They have played the parking lot at events
such as the Van’s Warped Tour, Jagermeister Music Tour, and most recently three years of
Rockstar Mayhem tours before finally getting official permission to play the entire tour this
year. They started the tour playing the parking lots without permission but after staunch support
from the other bands, and people seen everywhere with shirts and picket signs that read
“I support the Athiarchists – Let Them Play!” they were invited to play every day, even on the
Jager stage to fill in for Shadows Fall after a bus mishap on two of the Mayhem dates.

They were a huge hit with the bands, crew and crowds on Mayhem Fest and were invited to
continue their tour immediately with the Rockstar Uproar Festival that featured HellYeah, Disturbed,
Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour. After that they made countless random appearances
playing for the line before doors at shows all across America, most recently a month long
trip to the Los Angeles area where they played at the NAMM show and were almost arrested,
trips down Sunset Blvd playing while driving with the door open, in front of the red carpet
and line for the 2010 Guitar Center Drumoff, as well as a handful of different reality TV

Their sound is a violent blend of Punk, Metal, and the new breed of Thrash, their music itself
defies definition. They are notorious for shutting down the night with so much energy that
the fans wrap around the block trying to see inside the stage and huge pits form on the sidewalk.
The energy and passion released from this twosome has made them one of the most
sought after bands in North America. The Athiarchists will be performing in the mobile stage underneath the Metal Mulisha jump show at the 2011 Rockstar Mayhem Festival this summer.
Venue Information:
Sessions Music Lounge
44 E. 7th Ave
Eugene, OR, 97401