I see that there is another show playing at Sessions on the same night/at the same time as the show I have tickets to (or plans to go to). Why is this?

There are two stages here atSessions Music Hall –Sessions Music Lounge: on the West side of the establishment (entrance faces Willamette), also referred to as the bar side (21+ only) and the Sessions Music Hall, on the East side of the establishment (entrance faces 7th Street), also referred to as the “Main Hall” (age limits vary depending on the show). Please check our website calendar, Facebook events, and/or your ticket to see which stage the show you are seeing is on. Many times there will be separate events happening on both of the stages at the same time. Other times the show in the Lounge might be the after-party for the show in the Main Hall. Please refer to the specific details of each event for clarification.