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Private Events

Are you interested in reserving venue space at Sessions Music Hall for your special event?

We enjoy working with our clients throughout the planning and preparation phases, and will be available to oversee and manage all the details on the day of, so you can focus on having a wonderful time!

Our venue coordinator, will personally review all form submissions and follow up as soon as possible with relevant ideas and information based on the information provided. For any additional information you require, or if planning time is limited, you're welcome to reach out directly with the contact information listed.

‚úČ info@sessionsmusichall.com

About Sessions Music Hall

Our mission is to make positive contributions toward the growth of our local live music scene, and the reuniting of our community through that shared passion!

#SAVEOURSTAGES | Thank you for helping to #SaveOurStages! NIVA thanks those across the country who sent 2.1 million emails to their elected officials expressing their support for the Save Our Stages Act. All 535 Congress people heard from their constituents through SaveOurStages.com. We encourage you to tell your legislators you appreciate their support and for including independent venues and promoters.

The Conservatory

Sessions speakeasy inspired cocktail bar and in-house restaurant, offers exclusive entertainment features, seasonal menus, and represents one of our two unique bars. The Conservatory is truly one-of-a-kind! It's chic, intimate, sophisticated, and is best described as a fine dining establishment, while at the same time being laid-back and delightfully informal.

Wheither on its own, or in combination with the main hall, this space is a premier location for private events. It's character is unmatched and can accomodate parties large or small.

The Main Hall

Home to the larger of our two stages this space has an impressive occupancy. Our quality production staff and equipment never disappoint, making this spot for larger shows and events.

While some of our main hall events are seated, it's generate dedicated to standing, and more importantly, dancing room! Given this, there are almost always some chairs available and we're happy to accommodate.

Additionally, the main hall is frequently used as the primary venue space for private events. Of the three prominent spaces that exist within Sessions Music Hall, it is unique for being the only one permitted for all ages. In combination with our speakeasy, there's a little something for everyone and every event.

The Lounge

Spacious eclectic, and with a lot to offer, this is the location of our second stage and bar! The lounge is regularly booked with a mix of local, up-and-coming bands and djs. It has an authentic rock-and-roll, retro-grunge vibe that we can't get enough of! The primary local, and often alternative live performances, create an atmosphere for people to dance and let loose, just chill out and lounge or play pool.

Our covered and heated patio is only accessible through the lounge, and our most recent addition is a new pool table!